• Douglas J. McLeod

The Trilogy Concludes... Finally

Have you ever felt sad when something that you've set out to do for years finally comes to an end? This was the case for me recently.

Those who know me, know I originally started writing detective stories at a very young age. Something that went away, but was rekindled in 2009 when I participated in my first National Novel Writing Month. Three years later, I published my first book. Then, in 2013, my great aunt developed Stage-IV lung cancer. I remember traveling to her hospital bed, and saying my last goodbyes to her. In the process, I vowed to create a new pen name for myself to honor her memory, the name "C. D. Melley"; Melley being her maiden name.

But what to write for C. D.'s debut? I came up with an idea for a romance trilogy about a family farm in rural Saskatchewan. The setting idea came from a former neighbor of mine back in Toronto who owned a farm in the small town named in the story, Melville. As a result, "The Prairie Fire Trilogy" was born, and I released the first book in the series, "The Prairie Fire Within" in February 2014.

The second book, "The Prairie Fire Rekindled" took a while to come to being, since I was busy with work, other ideas for books, creating another pen name for the two erotic romance books I've penned, and the big one: moving to Florida, getting married, and starting a new life. As such, "Rekindled" didn't release until November 2017, much to the chagrin of devout followers of the events surrounding the Acker farm.

I vowed to finish the trilogy once and for all with the original goal date of August 4, 2020: my 49th birthday. Unfortunately, real life got in the way, and the goal was missed. However, that is about to change. Although, it will be months later than I originally intended, I am pleased to announce that the final book in "The Prairie Fire Trilogy", "The Prairie Fire Ablaze" will be released on April 6, 2021, the Tuesday after the traditional Easter holiday.

"Ablaze" will mostly focus on the black sheep of the Prairie Fire universe, Rebecca Brimley, as she begins to see the errors of her previous antics, and begins to make amends to everyone she had harmed. Fortunately, she will have help along the way in the form of a "guardian angel", of sorts, the photographer from the local newspaper, Greg Lewiston. Will Amanda and everyone at the farm be able to forgive Rebecca for causing the trouble she did? You'll be able to find out this April.

Until then, here is the paperback cover to whet your appetite.

Plus, with the upcoming release of "Ablaze", I have dropped the price for the Kindle version of the series opener, "Within" to 99 cents US. (Oh, by the way, all of my books have been ported into the Kindle Select program. My apologies to those who enjoyed by books on Kobo, Nook, Apple, and other eBook services.) But, if you subscribe to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program, you'll be able to read "Within", "Rekindled", or any of my other titles for free on your Kindle app/device.

That's all for now. Until next time, stay safe, and happy reading!

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