• Douglas J. McLeod

Summer Plottin', Having a blast...

For those who have followed my writing career, you might know I rekindled my interest in creative writing during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November 2009. Since then, I have participated in the odd November challenge where writers of all genres attempt to jot down 50,000 words within the span of 30 days. While most participants enroll in the traditional November session, there are others who have joined in during the two "off-season" sister challenges, known as "Camp NaNoWriMo."

The two Camp sessions occur in the months of April and July, and are more liberal in their goal setting than the rigid novel of 50k-in-30 benchmark. During Camp, you can either edit an existing project, or start a new one with a flexible word count goal. It can be less than the 50,000, or more, depending on how much one is willing to push themselves. Last April, I had set a goal of 25,000 words for the month, and I finished with 32,000+. Mind you, it took 3 different projects to pull it off; one of which was the start of my contribution to Love on the Edge of Danger .

However, for the July session, I am currently in the midst of plotting a new story. I don't want to go into too many details; mostly because I'm trying to focus on my summer class which will end 5 days before the start of July. Ironically, the day I plan on starting to write this new project, is the same day Love on the Edge of Danger is slated for release. So between relaxing outside of work hours, I'll continue to promote the charity anthology, and commence work on this planned new project. So, needless to say, my July and first part of August will be busy. But with my July signing event postponed until next June, as is a wedding I was hoping to attend, next month is pretty wide open for me to focus on it.

Here's hoping I don't get distracted by another plot bunny during that time.


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