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Site Update

Hi, everyone. As you might have noticed, there have been changes to this website. The change is due to the lack of sales traffic to the online store portion of the site. Therefore, I've decided to scrap the store portion, and update it with a complete, comprehensive list of the works I've released/been part of.

Most of the titles listed in the new "Book Library" section of this page are available through Amazon and most other eBook retailers. The only noticeable omission is the cozy mystery flash fiction anthology, "Autumn Delights," which is no longer available. However, I do have a small amount of print copies available. I will be selling them, along with my other print titles ("Steamy Short Stories" is only available as an eBook, unfortunately) at my upcoming 2021 events, unless you want to jump the line and fill out the online Google form linked below. If you fill out said form, I will be in contact with you to arrange shipping information and costs. https://bit.ly/2ESXdHq

Speaking of 2021 signing appearances, here is the list of when and where I will be: May 15: Romancing The Falls - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada July 17: Committed in Louisville - Louisville, Kentucky September 17-18: Ignite Your Soul Author Event - London, Ontario, Canada October 21-24: Books at the Beach - Clearwater Beach, Florida That's all for now. Until next time, happy reading, and stay safe.

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