• Douglas J. McLeod

More changes on the Horizon

In these troubling times, one needs to re-evaluate certain strategies to see what is the most feasible for them.

When I first started this site on Wix last year, I set out with the intent to host a blog and online store to sell some of my excess paperback inventory. Unfortunately, no sales were generated from the store, and admittedly, I updated this blog sporadically. In setting up this site, I was shelling out three-figures for someone to host the site. Quite a hefty expenditure for something I was not seeing much results for. Therefore, after much soul searching, I've decided to downgrade the features of this site.

The blog and domain name will still remain here (to the best of my knowledge) when my current contract expires in May, but there will be some ads associated with the blog to help Wix pay their bills for allowing me to use their service. Which leaves to question, where do I go from here? This is where my new venture comes in: I've now set-up a crowdsourcing site on Ko-fi.com. This is a social media site where I can share my existing work, while providing updates and fresh, new content for those interested. There is also an online store component where I'm offering some of my existing inventory there. As an added bonus, those who like my stuff are invited to help support me via contributions where you can "buy me a 'Ko-fi' (coffee)." Pretty cool, huh?

If you'd like to check out this new venture of mine, feel free to stop by my Ko-fi site at: https://ko-fi.com/tonanookpublishing

Until next time, happy reading, and stay safe.

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