• Douglas J. McLeod

Happy Victoria Day Weekend

For those who might know me, I'm originally from Toronto, Canada -- hence, the "TO" in TO Nanook Publishing -- and this weekend is the unofficial start of summer for those in my former homeland; the Victoria Day long weekend, or "May 2-4," as some people might call it. It's called as such because it usually falls on or around the 24th of May, but I suspect it's more of an excuse to crack open a case of 24 bottles of beer. At any rate, the actual holiday falls exactly one week before the American Memorial Day.

So, although I've drastically cut back on my alcohol consumption, I'll raise a virtual bottle of Molson Canadian in salute to those family and friends "north of the 49th," and wish them all a happy and safe Victoria Day. And I hope to join some of them next year when I make a (hopeful) return north of the border for an author signing event in Niagara Falls the next Victoria Day long weekend.

Until next time, readers and followers, happy reading, and stay safe!

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