• Douglas J. McLeod

Book #20 is releasing, and it's purely poetic

Hi everyone,

A few days ago, I hit Publish on what has become my 20th book. It also happens to be the sixth poetry collection I've released. Entitled "Stanzas in Self-isolation," it is a collection of 69 (the number is unintentional) poems I penned during the course of spending five months at home during the course of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Since I spent most of the time working from home for my day job, I had quite a few thoughts and feelings course through me during that time. I must warn the more sensitive readers that there are a few political opinion poems in this, so take heed in the event my views don't correspond with those of the reader.

The book is currently rolling out on the major eBook platforms, already hitting Apple, Kobo, and Kindle for my current poetry title price of $0.99 US for a download. I just need to find the time to rejig the manuscript for the paperback version.

That's all for now. Continue to keep safe, everyone, and happy reading!


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