Thursday, May 14, 2020 is Moving

As times change; especially, nowadays, so must my blog page. For those who have yet to hear the news, I'm moving my blog to a new website/server. Last weekend, I commenced establishing a new blog site, and affiliated online web store where customers can purchase direct-from-me signed paperbacks of my Douglas J. McLeod and C. D. Melley titles. (Unfortunately, "Fiery Freedom: The Complete Saga" by my Crimson Nuage persona could not be included in the establishment of the new web store.)  At the present, I can only ship to interested customers within the United States and Canada. I don't mean to disparage against those outside of those two countries, but I'm still attempting to figure out the shipping charge logistics (which can be expensive as heck).

Already, I've posted three blog entries on my new home, so I hope you will be able to join me at my new "home" on the Internet:

Until next time, happy reading, and hope to see you at the new TO Nanook Publishing website.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Back in the Writing Saddle

Hi there, readers. It's been almost a year since my last blog entry, and the world as we know it has changed drastically. As such, I hope everyone is safe during the pandemic craziness.

As I write this, I'm currently in my second month of a stay-at-home order in my day job. Working from home has been an adjustment, I confess. But at the same time, I'm finding more time to write, as my muse has finally returned after a long hibernation. My current project is my sixth poetry collection under my C. D. Melley banner, tentatively titled "Stanzas in Self-isolation." So far, I've written 35 poems for the collection, and will continue to write one poem a day until I'm allowed to return to the office in a full-time capacity. However, that's not the only writing plans I have on the horizon.

I have teamed up with three other talented writers: TK Lawyer, Tamalyn E. Scott, and Scarlette Rayne for an upcoming charity anthology to benefit COVID-19 relief efforts. The project has a planned release of later this summer and has a romance theme to it. I'm really excited for this project, and our little collective -- which I've branded "The Writers of Southeastwick" -- can't wait to weave our tales of finding love during the current crisis. It should be fun, so as always, stay tuned. Until then, feel free to check out our collective's Facebook page at: The Writers of Southeastwick

Signing-wise, I have four signings on the horizon within the next couple of years. I'll be attending the fourth Tampa Indie Author Book Convention in Florida this July, which my fellow Writers of Southeastwick will (hopefully) have paperback copies of our COVID-19 charity anthology available. Later in September, I will be making a return to my former homeland of Ontario, Canada for the 6th Ignite Your Soul Author Event in London. The original plans for Authors Rocking Little Rock have since been cancelled due to my originally intended plans to attend the wedding of one of my cousins, but due to the pandemic, has been moved to late July. For 2021, I have two signings on tap, as well. In July 2021, I will be headed to Louisville, Kentucky for "Committed in Louisville." Then later that year, in October, I will be appearing at "Books at the Beach" in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Save for all of that, I'm currently working through my second year in my pursuit of my Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing. It will take longer than normal, as I will only be tackling one course per semester, but it will be worth it in the end. I'm just finishing up "Form and Technique of Poetry" for this semester. In the Summer, I will be taking "Disability Studies," and in the Fall, "Principles of Microeconomics" to bang out a couple of the general education core courses I never got credit for when my prior community college courses from over two decades ago transferred over.

That's all from this stormy coast. Until next time, happy reading, and stay safe.