Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Signing News: What's Next for Douglas McLeod

Hey gang! I know I haven't posted here in months. Dang work and school are always getting in the way of things, I know. But I'm pleased to announce that I have been accepted to the English Program at the local university down here starting in the Fall. My goal is to earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. This is a new venture for me, and one that I am excited about.

As you notice by the post title, I've been a little busy on the signing circuit. I am a couple weeks removed from the 3rd annual Tampa Indie Author Book Convention, and a couple months after a very successful Romancing The Falls this past May. So, this begs to question: what's next on my agenda?

First, I have to start off with some sad news. Due to a family engagement that has come up, I've had to back out of the inaugural Authors Rocking Little Rock in June 2020. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to meet my readers in the Arkansas capital; however, I am hoping to make it up to them in the future. That being said, my next appearance will be at the second annual Show Me Your Books in Kansas City, Missouri this September.  Also, I have been officially announced that I will be appearing at the sixth Ignite Your Soul Author Event in London, Ontario in September 2020. This marks my return to Canada's Forest City after a five-year hiatus. So, I'm excited to see all of my Southwestern Ontario readers once again. However, this are only two signings I have officially been announced for. There are two others that haven't been officially announced as of yet. But readers of this here post will be getting the scoop right now.

First, I will be making a return to the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention for the fourth straight year next July. This is my longest commitment to a single event, and while it hasn't been personally successful compared to other signings, it has been a fun event, regardless, and I'm looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces in Tampa next year.

The other TBA signing appearance is one that's a little ways in the future, but another "local" signing is in the works. In October 2021, I will be participating in the inaugural Books at the Beach event taking place in beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida. The pictures I've seen of the hotel resort hosting the event are stunning, and should be a fun event for all that are in attendance.

Finally, in a non-signing news piece, a very dear author friend of mine, TK Lawyer, recently interviewed me for her blog. The article can be read at the following link: https://tklawyerauthor.wordpress.com/2019/07/19/3015/

That's all for me right now. I better get back to work. Ciao for now, and happy reading!