Saturday, March 16, 2019

Back from the Blogging Grave

My apologies for not keeping up this blog. I realized just now that I haven't posted a new article on here in over seven months. It almost makes one wonder if I decided to give up blogging completely. The truth of the matter is, my life has gotten so busy in recent months, I haven't had a chance to update it. So, time for a little catch-up in what in the bluest of blue Hells has been going on with me.

My day job is still ongoing. Putting up 40-hour weeks has admittedly taken up a lot of my time. And needless to say, my writing has suffered a bit because of it. Add to the fact that last autumn I decided to go back to school, and work (albeit slowly) towards getting a B.A. However, while the university I work at insist on a four-year plan to graduate, it's going to be a longer period for me to pull it off. As part of the graduation requirements, I need to take two foreign language classes in the same language. As such, I decided to take Spanish as my language, which is odd considering all through middle school and high school back in Canada, I studied French, but because of the large Hispanic population here in Florida, my wife and I thought Spanish would be more beneficial to me in the long run.

The first course resulted in moderate success, as I finished the class with a B, and right now, at the halfway point of the second Spanish class, I'm pulling a B in it, as well. I'll admit it hasn't been easy, but I'm enjoying the class, and these are necessary courses for the major I've still yet to declare (English, with a concentration in Creative Writing). Over the summer, I'm hoping to get my old college transcripts from Canada evaluated to see if any of the courses I took way back when are still good enough to transfer a few credits over. I'm skeptical in the process, since those classes were taken over 25 years ago, but there's no harm in trying.

On the appearance front, the last time I checked in, it was a week before my trip to Kansas City, Missouri for the inaugural Show Me Your Books author event. The event was a huge personal success, as I ended up selling the most copies of my books at any event in my relatively young signing career. I had so much fun at the event, I've decided to return to this year's edition, running between September 19 - 21. So, if you're in the Greater KCMO area, feel free to come out and see me. And right now, until this Tuesday (March 19th), there is a sale on weekend-long VIP tickets and Saturday only event tickets. Just enter the code: SMYB19SALE when checking out on the event's Eventbrite ticketing page, and you can get the ducats listed above for half-price. (Sale prices: $37.50 US for VIP tix, and $15 US for the Saturday only pass.) Just check out the list of authors who already have agreed to appear at the event at: 

Which brings me to my signing appearance schedule. This year, I have agreed to appear at three events again. The aforementioned Show Me Your Books being the third and final signing appearance of 2019 for me. Before that, I will be attending Romancing The Falls in beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada in just over two months from this posting. I am excited for this trip, as it will be my first trip back to my former "home and native land" since moving to Florida three years ago. I plan on meeting some old friends at the signing, and meeting a few new to me authors, as well. For deets, and links to the authors' pre-order forms for the event, surf on over to the event's Facebook group:

Sandwiched in between, will be my third appearance at the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention. Compared to last year's event, the promoters have touted a new venue with better parking and closer to the airport. My sales at this event have been spotty at best, but here's hoping better success this year. For a list of authors who have agreed to appear, check out their website at: 

This being said, I've also signed up for a couple of events for 2020, as well. The first next year will be the inaugural Authors Rocking Little Rock, in Little Rock, Arkansas in June 2020. This will be my first trip to The Natural State, and with over 50 authors attending, it's shaping up to be quite an event. (URL forthcoming).

The second event scheduled for 2020 is one that is near and dear to me. It was the second signing appearance I ever did back in 2015, and after what will be five long years, I will be making a long-awaited return to Canada's Forest City. That's right, in September 2020, I will be appearing at Ignite Your Soul Author Event in London, Ontario, Canada. The list of attending authors is growing, with almost 10 authors confirmed, so far, and may more to come. For details, and information on signing up, if you're an author interested in attending, surf on over to:

Book-wise, I've been slowly plugging away at a new title that I hope to have ready for release in time for Romancing The Falls. It will be a collection of sixteen short stories, set in different Ontario communities, each with a different romantic situation, entitled "Tiny Trillium Tales". This is something I wanted to write to pay homage to the province where I used to call home.

Also, if you've been following me on Facebook, I recently made an announcement regarding my The Prairie Fire Trilogy. This has been my hallmark romance series since it first debuted back in February 2014, and admittedly, I have been slow in releasing subsequent books -- the second book of the trilogy releasing in November 2017. However, I've decided that I've dilly-dallied long enough in concluding the series. That's why I've decided to release the final book in the trilogy on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, which also happens to coincide with my 49th birthday. (Yes, readers and followers, I am that old.) At the present, I have the first 4,800 words written on it, but with just over 74 weeks to finish, polish, and publish the manuscript, I have a wee bit of time to get it done.

That's pretty much it from my world. Again, my apologies for not updating this sooner, but you know how it can be when real life gets in the way. Until next time, whenever that may be, happy reading!