Monday, October 9, 2017

Day 9: Pushed to the Limit

While those north of the border
Were prepping their turkeys
I was toiling away at my job
And the stress within me was mounting.

It seemed like I didn't have very long to think
As I was slammed with task after task
Doing the best that I could
However, I envied those in my former home.

They were able to enjoy the day off
To spend with their families
I longed to enjoy the same luxury
Instead of being stuck behind a computer.

The memories of a more simple time for me
Came flooding back to my consciousness
Bringing me to the verge of breaking down
Wishing I could be back in my former land.

I survived the rest of the day
Dreading what awaits me when I arrive tomorrow morn
I've handled being apart well before
But today was extremely hard for me.

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  1. The homesickness you feel is truly evident in your words. Great title. xoA


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