Sunday, October 8, 2017

Day 8: How Would I Have Known?

In the months leading up to
My eventual relocation
There were many fears and anxieties
Built up within me.

How would I adjust?
How could I leave my family and friends behind?
Why would I leave the only home I've truly known?
I only know a couple people down there.

Would I even be granted the visa?
Is this all really worth it?
These are a few of the many questions
That roamed within my head.

Fast forward to now
Almost two years after that interview
And my life hasn't been happier
Now that I'm with my wife.

But sometimes in life you have to take a chance
Put those fears and anxieties aside
Because if I hadn't listened to my heart
How would I have known what I have now.

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  1. Evocative. Some decisions are made to know the truth :)


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