Saturday, October 7, 2017

Day 7: Long Weekend in the North

While most of the people in my new home
Will be at work this Monday
Those in my former country of residence
Will be celebrating it's annual autumn holiday.

Because of the earlier growing season
Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving
A month before us in the States
Yet, it still has all the fixings.

When I was still living with my former roommate
I would attend Sunday brunch
With his family at a fancy downtown hotel
It gave me a sense of family with them.

Nowadays, I have a new family down here
With my wife and two fur kids
But I have to wait until late November
To celebrate with turkey and stuffing.

I don't mind having to wait until then
They say all good things come to those who do
However, in the meantime to those north of the 49th
I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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