Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 4: Countdown Is On

As I look at the calendar
I notice there is one month to go
Until the release
Of my latest romance book.

The tome is the second part
Of a trilogy I have been working on
For the past three years
And it hadn't been easy finishing it.

There had been problems
Getting it completed
Everything from chasing other plot bunnies
To an upgrade to Windows 10.

The latter caused me to lose
My original work-in-progress
But I was thankfully smart enough
To had sent a copy to my current wife.

Now in a mere thirty-one days
It will be unleashed to the world
I just hope people haven't forgotten
The characters I originally created.

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  1. I especially like what I imagine is unintended humor - smart enough to send a copy to my current wife...


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