Monday, October 2, 2017

Day 2: Downloading Responsibilities

When I first started here
I was hired on as a part-time worker
Content on doing what I could
During my four-hour shift.

However, when my colleague left
Back at the end of June
I was tasked to help
Pick up the slack left behind.

While I had no problem doing
Some of the added responsibilites
It seems I have been requested
To take on more than intended.

I have now being working full-time
For the past three months
And my increased duties
Is starting to ratchet up my stress.

I'm hoping things will calm down
Before the end of this calendar year
Alas, it seems my sanity
Is being put to the test more and more.

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  1. I agree that words become trouble swallowers, soothe better than the best of ice cream and will be there through it all. Just a touch away.


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