Sunday, October 22, 2017

Day 22: A Little TLC

Everyone needs a little
TLC in their lives
Whether it's the kind from a pet
Or another human being.

In today's world I have seen
So much hate and anger
Towards their fellow man
And it disheartens me to no end.

I can understand the different causes
There are to promote togetherness
In a bid to provide a voice
For those who have been ignored for too long.

Alas, the hierarchy out there
Continues to beat their own drum
In a feeble bid to silence the roars
From those who have been slighted.

I pray for the day to come
Where we can all unite as one
And TLC will prevail once and for all
Over the hatred that exists today.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Day 21: Time to Experiment

Earlier this week
There was supposed to be a
Chili Cook-off at work
Unfortunately, it was cancelled.

They claimed it was due to lack of interest
But are replacing it with a slow-cooker challenge
Where people attempt to create their fave recipes
Using the cooking appliance known as a Crock Pot.

I've contemplated entering the contest
Using my chili recipe
However, I'm thinking about conjuring up
A new creation this time around.

Of course, to make sure
It is worthy enough of entry
I will attempt to create it
Here at home for my wife and I.

I have all of the necessary ingredients
In my pantry and refrigerator
The query I must ask myself
Is whether to do it this weekend or next.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Day 20: Assisting a Friend's Cause

This weekend I'm participating
In a charity auction on Facebook
Where proceeds are going to help with expenses
Of a young baby's travel and medical bills.

The little boy suffers from Apert Syndrome
A disorder where the child's skull bone fuses early
It also could cause the fingers and toes to fuse together
A dire circumstance for an infant.

Members of the book and artist community
Have come together to raise funds for the cause
Offering books in print or electronic
Others offering swag of different sorts.

Myself, I'm offering up two e-book bundles
Of my three romance titles
Including a certain title that
Hasn't been released yet.

I hope the event raises a lot of money
To help little Wyatt overcome this disorder
No one his age should have to suffer
From such an abnormality.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Day 19: Not the Caffeine Addict I Used to Be

With November's writing season upon us
I look back to the love affair I had
Between myself and caffeine
And notice the relationship has changed.

Whenever I used to attempt to write
A 50,000-word novel in 30 days
Coffee was my mistress
A dangerous affair for my health.

At times I would down an entire carafe
Within one daily session
Alas, thanks to high blood pressure issues
I've had to re-evaluate this strategy.

I now limit my caffeine intake
Due to this medical concern.
Opting for caffeine-free beverages
Outside of the morning hours.

I do miss my old caffeinated ways
I think my drive has suffered a tad
However, if I want to live long with my wife
The sacrifice had to be made.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day 18: Passing of a Legend

Within the past twenty-four hours
Canadians lost a legendary poet
Whose lyrics struck a chord
Within every resident who heard them.

I confess I've only heard his band play twice
Once during a multi-artist benefit concert
The other during halftime of a football game
And due to them, I understood the hype.

Fans flocked to their concerts
Chanting for the band to take the stage
And when the man took to the mic
They all sang along to their favorites.

Alas today, Bobcaygeon has grown silent
The Hundredth Meridian had faded a little
New Orleans has sank a tad lower
And The Century has come a bit closer.

Fare thee well, Gord
Your legacy lives on forever
May your lyrics play with you in heaven
With Grace, Too.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Day 17: Second Wave

Work has gotten busy again
With the influx of tasks flooding my inbox
I do my best to keep up
As the requests increase in the pile.

One by one, I complete each task
As another one comes in
Keeping my head above water
So as not to drown in the requests.

I recall having to survive the influx
A few weeks ago
Alas, the next wave has come in
Like another tsunami threatening to flood me.

I know this is the second of three waves
I will encounter during this period
With the final one approaching
Closer to the end of the year.

I've been promised help is on the way
Within another week
However, I question whether or not
It will be enough to handle the surf.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Day 16: Recovering From Busy Weekend

On a normal weekend
I would stay at home to run errands
And spend quality time with my wife
However, the past couple of days were condensed.

Saturday I was requested to attend
A business meeting for an organization I'm affiliated with
Taking place eighty miles away that afternoon
But that wasn't the only thing on my agenda

That night, I took in a college football game
Taking place downtown involving the local school
While the game was enjoyable
I did not return until really late.

The next day all of the tasks I normally do
Over the course of forty-eight hours
I had to do within the span of twenty-four
Too short a span to completely relax.

Needless to say, I was feeling it this morning
When I showed up to work
It took a while for my second cup to kick in
Regardless, I survived the weekend and today.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Day 15: One Year Since

It's been a year since you've left
And the pain while subdued
Hasn't gone away entirely
And I know it never will.

There were so many things
I wanted to say and show you
Alas, I know that I will never
Have the opportunity to do so.

I wished you could see
How far I've come since you've left
How I've become a better and happier person
Then I was when you knew me best.

There is still so much pain
We've caused one another in the past
But I will never get the opportunity
To make the amends I needed to do.

Today it's been 365 days
Since you left all of us
Just remember you were always loved
And never will be forgotten.

Day 14: This Event is Oversold

This year I decided to purchase
Some college football tickets to a few games
However, after two contests on my schedule
I'm starting to re-evaluate my decision.

It's not that the games are not entertaining
My team is undefeated so far this season
My gripe comes from where
My seats are located at the stadium.

Had I known that my seats would be
Situated in the Student Section area
For the course of my tenure this year
I would have balked at the offer in the first place.

I guess my complaint is the fact
The tickets are general admission
If I get up to get concessions or use the Men's Room
I run the risk of losing my seat to a student.

This is reason why I have a beef
With the way the plan was structured in the first place
But I know at least with college basketball season coming up
My seats for that are in a reserved spot.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Day 13: Paraskavedekatriaphobia

There are a few people out there
Who are intimidated by today of all days
For that I empathize with them
Because today is a day like no others.

This day only happens every so often
Yet, when it appears on the calendar
It sends people into a frenzy
However, it's much worse for them.

The day is ominous
With tales of horror spun to coincide
For this unholy date
Is one of the most infamous of the year.

In this year of 2017
The date happens to fall in October
Falling into par with Halloween
Ratcheting up their paranoia to 11.

I still try to wrap my head
Over why Friday the 13th triggers them
I know the day is synonymous with the lack of luck
But to them, it terrifies these individuals more.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 12: Changing Channels

Every now and again
I have noticed stations complaining
Certain providers intend to
Drop them from their line-ups.

I've seen them on various American providers
Where they beg people to call the companies
And plead that they would
"Save their channels."

This was never a problem
When I lived in Canada
Yes, channels came and went
But most of them remained on the landscape.

I can understand this is a move
To add new channels to the programming grid
However, why must other stations be sacrificed
To make room for them?

Is it a monetary issue?
Fees transferred between the providers and stations?
One thing for certain, while greed is existent
The consumers lose out in the end.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Day 11: Personal Growth

When you have lived with stigma
The majority of your life
It can be a challenge
To break the mold you've set yourself in.

Growing up I was instilled with the mindset
Of living and doing things a certain way
Having limits drilled inside of your head
Can stunt your ability to grow as a person.

After years of mental belittling I told myself
Enough was enough
I needed to change my situation
In order to modify the way I live and thought.

Fast forward to who I am now
A different person from who I was back then
I still have my foibles and faults
But admittedly, no one's perfect.

I am happy with who I've transformed into
I have had my share of struggles
All I can do is continue to improve
One day at a time.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 10: Looking For Crumbs

In our apartment
My wife and I usually eat while sitting on our couch
Because we lack the space for
A proper dining room table.

I will be the first to admit
I tend to snack while watching television
And in the process
I end up dropping crumbs between the cushions.

This prove to be a bullseye
For our little Yorkie
To go sniffing around
For these little morsels left behind.

At first I thought
He was looking for attention from me
But what he's really looking for
Is a way to get at the hidden treasures.

I need to be mindful
Of what and how I eat
Otherwise, one of my fur kids
Will score an unexpected treat.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Day 9: Pushed to the Limit

While those north of the border
Were prepping their turkeys
I was toiling away at my job
And the stress within me was mounting.

It seemed like I didn't have very long to think
As I was slammed with task after task
Doing the best that I could
However, I envied those in my former home.

They were able to enjoy the day off
To spend with their families
I longed to enjoy the same luxury
Instead of being stuck behind a computer.

The memories of a more simple time for me
Came flooding back to my consciousness
Bringing me to the verge of breaking down
Wishing I could be back in my former land.

I survived the rest of the day
Dreading what awaits me when I arrive tomorrow morn
I've handled being apart well before
But today was extremely hard for me.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Day 8: How Would I Have Known?

In the months leading up to
My eventual relocation
There were many fears and anxieties
Built up within me.

How would I adjust?
How could I leave my family and friends behind?
Why would I leave the only home I've truly known?
I only know a couple people down there.

Would I even be granted the visa?
Is this all really worth it?
These are a few of the many questions
That roamed within my head.

Fast forward to now
Almost two years after that interview
And my life hasn't been happier
Now that I'm with my wife.

But sometimes in life you have to take a chance
Put those fears and anxieties aside
Because if I hadn't listened to my heart
How would I have known what I have now.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Day 7: Long Weekend in the North

While most of the people in my new home
Will be at work this Monday
Those in my former country of residence
Will be celebrating it's annual autumn holiday.

Because of the earlier growing season
Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving
A month before us in the States
Yet, it still has all the fixings.

When I was still living with my former roommate
I would attend Sunday brunch
With his family at a fancy downtown hotel
It gave me a sense of family with them.

Nowadays, I have a new family down here
With my wife and two fur kids
But I have to wait until late November
To celebrate with turkey and stuffing.

I don't mind having to wait until then
They say all good things come to those who do
However, in the meantime to those north of the 49th
I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 6: New Territory

As part of an author signing
I'm taking part in next year
Some of the authors are writing pieces
Of an anthology to be released at the event.

I volunteered to be one of the authors
For this project
While the prospect of being part of it is exciting
It also makes me nervous as hell.

I had never participated in
An anthology before
My concern is my story will stick out
Like a sore thumb compared to the others.

At least I'm fortunate
To have my submission half-written
As part of my Camp NaNoWriMo project
This past July.

I just have to remember
To pad my tale of mystery
They want each to be around 20,000 words
I just hope I don't end up doing an info dump.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Day 5: Switching It Up

As the month of November draws near
So does the annual burst of creativity
Where writers around the world
Embark on writing a novel.

My intent this year
Was to compose the fifth book
Of my detective series
Alas, it appears to be for not.

Not because of work
Which is a time-suck to begin with
But because a new idea
Has been poking my brain.

A sports romance is now in the cards
I know it sounds like an overused trope
However, this time the pairing
Involves two females, instead.

For now the detective story is shelved
And I anticipate writing about curling
I just hope I can keep my plot ideas
Underneath their wool kilts.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Day 4: Countdown Is On

As I look at the calendar
I notice there is one month to go
Until the release
Of my latest romance book.

The tome is the second part
Of a trilogy I have been working on
For the past three years
And it hadn't been easy finishing it.

There had been problems
Getting it completed
Everything from chasing other plot bunnies
To an upgrade to Windows 10.

The latter caused me to lose
My original work-in-progress
But I was thankfully smart enough
To had sent a copy to my current wife.

Now in a mere thirty-one days
It will be unleashed to the world
I just hope people haven't forgotten
The characters I originally created.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Day 3: Ode to the Tuesday Funnies

Every Tuesday, my wife sends out
An email containing
Various cute and humorous memes
To her friends and family.

The photos are intended
To tickle one's funny bone
And bring much delight
To the belated start of the work week.

Most of the pics
Involve animals with
Comical captions
Suitable for all ages.

She has done this for as long
As I can remember
Bringing a ray of sunshine
To those who need it.

I admire my wife for doing this
As it's another arrow in her quiver
To showcase her creativity
To those close to her.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Day 2: Downloading Responsibilities

When I first started here
I was hired on as a part-time worker
Content on doing what I could
During my four-hour shift.

However, when my colleague left
Back at the end of June
I was tasked to help
Pick up the slack left behind.

While I had no problem doing
Some of the added responsibilites
It seems I have been requested
To take on more than intended.

I have now being working full-time
For the past three months
And my increased duties
Is starting to ratchet up my stress.

I'm hoping things will calm down
Before the end of this calendar year
Alas, it seems my sanity
Is being put to the test more and more.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Day 1('ish): Vowing to Return

Yesterday there was a signing
I had attended once before
Some of my friends from back home
Were in attendance.

Seeing their photos
Made me nostalgic
Of a happy time and place
Where I was one among them.

I have participated in two signings
Since moving south
And while I enjoyed the experience
There was something missing.

The camaraderie I enjoyed
Being with familiar faces
Is something I lack
In the ones down here.

However, I've since made a vow
Regardless of where it might be
In the year 2019
I will be coming home.