Monday, August 7, 2017

Reflections of Another Year Gone

Recently, I celebrated my birthday -- Number 46, for those who have a desire to keep score -- and like I should every year, it's made me reflective on the previous twelve months.

Real life-wise, I've become deeply entrenched in my day job as an Administrative Clerk at the nearby university. At this time last year, I was a month into this new part-time gig. Since then, my hours and work responsibilities have drastically increased. While my full-time hours is currently a temporary increase (until the end of September, for now), it makes me wonder if this is the first step to a permanent upgrade. However, as someone who has had his hopes raised in the past by frivolous personal expectations, I'm having a difficult time trying to hold my breath with the dream of this coming to fruition.

At the same time, living the married life in Florida has continued to be a wonderful ride. My wife has been by my side every step in this journey, and I'm extremely thankful for that, even if I do still have my moments where I tend to be a bit "on edge." But I'll be the first to admit that after 46 years, I am still a work-in-progress. Our Pomeranian is still a constant in our lives (and is also a bit of a 'pain in the patootie' during certain moments, but we still love her.), but our Yorkie has changed since then. The previous one being put down in late May (We'll never forget you, Monty), but replaced with a new one a month later. (George is quite adorable, and I fell in love with him the first time he came home.) Live as a 'Doggie Daddy' has been an adjustment, but one I'm starting to finally gel into the role of.

Writing-wise, my life has been quite an adventure. I was able to release two novellas this year: Kawartha Christmas Caper -- the fourth book in the Gary Celdom series, and Signed, Stolen, Delivered -- the first book in a spin-off series, starring Gary's best friend, Phil Bennett. I was amazed when both of them were nominated for the 2017 Summer Indie Book Awards, sponsored by Metamorph Publishing. (FYI, the voting for the awards starts September 1st, so make sure to vote for my two nominees in the Crime and Mystery categories, respectively.) Also, during the past year, I participated in two signings here in Florida: Beach Babes' Book Blast last November (which, I made the mistake of appearing under my lesser known 'C. D. Melley' persona, and my non-existent sales figures from the event showed), and the inaugural Tampa Indie Author Book Convention last month. The latter event I enjoyed so much, I have since signed on to participate again in next July.

So, what's on the horizon in my 47th year of existence? That depends on my crazy schedule. I am currently putting the final touches on the long-awaited second book in the Prairie Fire Trilogy: The Prairie Fire Rekindled, which I was hoping for a September release, but might be pushed back until October. (Because having to format it for its release on paperback will be a bit of a time-suck, which I have little of after coming home from work.) Aside from that, I have planted the seed for the fifth Gary Celdom book. I won't go into too many details, but it will involve a return to the Northern Winds fan convention, and bit of a continuation of the timeline after SSD.

Save for that, I'm also slowly working through my To Be Read pile. Currently, I'm reading the final book in the Avery Fowler 2.0 Trilogy, written by my very dear friend, Jennifer Ammoscato. If you liked the Bridget Jones' Diary books and movies, make sure to check these books out. They are an absolute delight, and this is coming from a guy who you wouldn't think about reading 'chick-lit.'

Anyway, enough about this update. Time to post this before my supervisor pops in and gives me heck for lollygagging. (Such a funny word that is?)


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  1. Oh my goodness! What a year you've had with both ups and downs. It's a good thing to take stock as you've done here. I think it helps us keep focused on future goals and allows us to savour past successes. Happy birthday and best of luck in the coming year!


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