Sunday, September 11, 2016

STANZA SUNDAY: My Favorite Feline

Her hair is dark
Like the skies at night
But her eyes sparkle when she looks at me
Stars within the twilight

Her smile lights up the room
And sends my heart a flutter
No woman can do this
She is like no other.

The only regret
Is she is so far away
But, we vowed to be loyal to one another
Our eyes will never go astray.

I dream of her when I sleep
Hoping for that day to come
When I can call her my wife
And together, we will be one.

I know the day is nigh
When we both will walk that aisle
And, our happiness with come alive
We’ve been waiting a long while.

I love you, my Cat
You mean the world to me
I just hate when we’re apart
  But together, we shall be.

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