Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TEASER TUESDAY: Kawartha Christmas Caper - When Phil met Karen

In advance of the release of the fourth Gary Celdom adventure this November, here's a snippet from the upcoming tale of Gary and the gang, as we take a look at when Gary's best friend, Phil Bennett, first lays eyes on the ghostly apparition that is Gary's former fiancee, Karen Prairie.


After washing his hands, Phil splashed some water upon his face. He was taken aback from what had happened. While he thought Maggie was a nice woman, for her to brazenly smooch him upon his lips was something he was not expecting.

"What the hell is going on with Maggie?" he asked himself.

A female voice answered him from behind the shower curtain. "Isn't it obvious, Phil?" it said. "She's got it bad for you."

The writer has a perplexed look on his face. He stared into the mirror, and didn't see anyone standing behind him. But, he heard the voice coming from beside him. He cautiously turned towards the shower, and pulled the curtain aside. Standing before him, in the stall, was the ghostly figure of Karen Prairie.

"Ugh," the specter bemoaned. "I've got to stop revealing myself in washrooms. They're the most uncomfortable places to be in."

"For yourself, or the person who is seeing you? Because right now, I'm about to drop one in my shorts."

"Please don't, Phil. I might be dead, but there's no need to be scared shitless of me."

The writer peered closer at my former fiancée. "Karen, is that you?"

Karen smirked. "Why, are there any other ghosts you see aside from me in Gary's shower? Could you be a dear, and help me out?"

Phil held the curtain open while Karen stepped out of the confined space. "I've heard about you appearing before Gary and Jessica in the past, but why are you doing so in front of me now?"

"Because there is a wonderful woman in your kitchen right now who is completely enamored with you, and you're stuck in here wondering why in the world did she kiss you."

"Can you blame me, Karen? I thought Maggie was someone who is feeling vulnerable right now because her Christmas was stolen from her. I know she's looking for comfort, but I'm not sure if I'm the right guy to be providing that."

"Are you sure about that? Because she seems to think you fit the bill. Or, are you still hung up about the number Amy did on your head and heart last year?"

Phil was taken aback from the specter's bluntness. He knew from my reports she was the outspoken type, but this was the first time he had experienced it up close and personal. Now that he was able to see and hear her, he noticed my former fiancée was the type of woman who pulled no punches. She forced the writer to look within himself, and get in touch with his psyche.

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