Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Kawartha Christmas Caper - First Look at Maggie

Another busy week here at the homestead, with me fielding calls for a couple real life in-person job interviews, and in the process, I missed Teaser Tuesday again. However, in a bid to make up for it, I'm giving you, the reader, a special treat. If you've noticed, the previous editions of Teaser Tuesday have featured snippets of the first three Gary Celdom books. Today, I'm offering up a sample of my latest work-in-progress: the fourth Gary Celdom adventure, entitled Kawartha Christmas Caper, which is tentatively slated for release this November, just in time for the Christmas holidays. In this sample, we first meet a new character being introduced to the "Celdom Gang", one Maggie MacPhearson. Enjoy!


As we pulled down the snow-covered dirt road to my cottage, we noticed some bright lights in the distance. However, these weren't the normal colors of holiday lights one might come to expect, but those from a patrol car. We drove further down the road, and saw the patrol car was parked in front of the home of my neighbor, Maggie MacPhearson. We pulled into my driveway, and went next door to investigate. I asked Phil to take Benny for a walk while Jessica and I paid Maggie a visit. Phil appreciated the offer, as it gave him a chance to stretch his legs.

We entered the residence, and found Maggie sobbing in her living room, her Christmas tree laid bare, and one of the two officers was questioning her.

"Maggie," I interrupted, "what happened?"

"Excuse me, sir," one of the Constables queried. "But, who are you?"

I identified myself. "Detective Gary Celdom, Toronto P.D. I own the cottage next door to Miss MacPhearson's. This is my partner, Detective Jessica Amerson."

The Constable identified himself. "My apologies, Detectives. I'm Constable Jenner of the Ontario Provincial Police -- Bewdley Detachment, and this is my partner, Constable Kassian."

"We didn't mean to intrude, Constable," Jessica explained. "We just came up from Toronto, and saw the lights of your patrol car. Is everything alright?"

Maggie broke through her sobs. "Not really," she said. "My home was broken into, and all of my Christmas present were stolen."

            Jessica and I looked at each other, and that feeling of dread I had about my quiet week away being disrupted had become a reality.

~ Douglas J. McLeod, 2016

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