Sunday, June 26, 2016

Stanza Sunday: The Love Has Risen

Hi again, everyone. In my (new) continuing bid to expand awareness of my poetic works, I will be sharing one of the pieces from my self-published poetry collections. This week's entry comes from my first poetry collection, Slammin' on the Rails. Enjoy!


The Love Has Risen

She stirs from her slumber
A well-deserved rest
And when she rolls over
The man of her dreams lays beside her.

She leans over to lay a kiss on his cheek
He begins to rouse
His eyes blink open
And sees the vision of beauty smiling at him.

The man grins back at her 
And, caresses his darling’s face
Knowing out of anywhere in the world
He prefers to be at this place.

The couple greet with a kiss
And, murmur “Good morning”
Then, they curl back up to one another
Not wanting to leave this haven.

They are forced to leave their cocoon
When their dog yips for his food
Another day has begun
And, their love for one another is renewed.

~ C, D. Melley, 2014

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