Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stanza Sunday - Growing Up Fatherless

As someone who has composed four poetry collections (under my C. D. Melley moniker) over the past few years, I've decided to try something new here on "Stanza Sunday". On Sundays I will share one of my 250+ poems with you, my fans.

Since this debut edition happens to fall on Father's Day 2016, I'd like to share with you a selection from my third collection, "Before I Leave Canada". It's a rather personal piece, and showcases my feelings about how I feel about today of all days. Enjoy!


Growing Up Fatherless

  Today is a day to celebrate
The paternal influences in our lives
To cherish the male role models
We had growing up.

 Some will post messages on social media
 With photos and memories of their fathers
 Alas, for someone like myself
I cannot share in their sentiments.

 For I have spent the past 44 years of my life
 Never knowing who my father is
 A result from a teenage pregnancy
 With possible horrific circumstances.

 It pains me to have gone through my life
 Not being able to find out his identity
 But, if what I fear was the cause of my conception
 I can understand why it’s been a guarded secret.

 So, to wherever and whomever he is
I wish my biological sperm donor a ‘Happy Father’s Day’
And, may he never forget

 The product he left behind unknown.

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