Thursday, June 23, 2016

Special Kobo Sale This Weekend

Hey, guys! I tried posting this on my author page on Facebook, but because the algorithms on the site filter out posts using words like "sale", "promo", "offer", and "% off". So, in an effort to work around the issue, I'm going to try to let you guys and gals know about it here.

This coming weekend, for Kobo users in Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand can utilize a special code to purchase any e-book on their service which has been released through their KWL platform. Since ALL 10 of my titles have been published through this service, you can score any or all of my titles for half-off! Here's a list of all the titles published by my triad, which are eligible...

Gary Celdom Case Journals: Volume One by Douglas J. McLeod (detective fiction)
Rouge Numbered Week by Douglas J. McLeod (detective fiction)
The Prairie Fire Within by C. D. Melley (romance)
A Bolt of Loving by C. D. Melley (romance)
Slammin' on the Rails by C. D. Melley (poetry)
Poems for a Winter's Night by C. D. Melley (poetry)
Before I Leave Canada by C. D Melley (poetry)
Stanzas from the Sunshine  by C. D. Melley (poetry)
Fiery Freedom: The Complete Saga by Crimson Nuage (steamy romance)
Steamy Short Stories by Crimson Nuage (steamy romance short stories)

So, how do you take advantage of this deal? It's quite simple. Now remember, this deal is only valid for Kobo users in those four countries I listed above. Go to your country's respective Kobo store ( is the standard one in Canada and the U.S. Not sure if it applies to Australia and New Zealand), purchase any or all of those books listed above (or, any other indie author who utilizes the KWL publishing platform). Then, when you are about to checkout, use the promo code: 50JUN to score your 50% discount on your purchase. This can be utilized multiple times during the promotion, BUT it is only valid this weekend between June 25 and June 27.

Just wanted to let y'all know about this. Happy e-reading!

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