Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Belated Teaser Tuesday: Rouge Numbered Week - Phil is a Suspect?!?

Hey, gang! I was occupied yesterday with a job interview, so I missed the opportunity to post Teaser Tuesday on time. However, I wanted to do a special one for this week. With the start of the 2016 Canadian professional football regular season this Thursday, I want to share a snippet of my third Gary Celdom book, Rouge Numbered Week. The book was set in the backdrop of the 2012 Canadian Football Championship Game, which was held in Toronto. (Ironically, this November, the Championship Game returns to T-Dot.) Regardless, I hope you enjoy the snippet.


“Okay, so they’re both football fans.

“Canadian football fans of the pro team here in Toronto, a rarity in its own right.”

“Do you think these two were targeted by a rival supporter?”

“I find that unlikely. The Boatmens main rival is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and I find it unlikely that someone from Hamilton would be traversing the streets near the university on a Thursday night.”

“Umm, I don’t want to alarm you, Celdom, but, Thursday night, at Hoskin and Devonshire which isn’t a kilometer from Spadina and College, and a possible Tiger-Cat fan suspect. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

I was taken aback by the conclusions my partner was presuming. “Oh no,” I attempted to discount. “I know he has some issues, and his mental faculties aren’t all there, but I highly doubt committing a double homicide would be something that would enter his mind.”

Jessica reasoned, “Be it as it may, he’s the only person that immediately springs to mind. I’m not saying he did. I know he’s our friend and all, but we can’t necessarily rule him out this early into the investigation.”

I took a deep and concerted sigh, and suggested we walk to our vehicle, and commence the long drive to Scarborough. It was something I was dreading, and I sincerely hoped Jessica’s hunch was incorrect this time around.

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