Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Teaser Tuesday: Scarlet Siege - How it all started

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so taking a page from one of my author friends, I decided to start a new feature here at CeldoMelley.com. On Tuesdays, I will attempt to post a few lines from a current or previous work of mine. Hopefully, this will give my new fans a chance to see what ideas have sprung from my multi-faceted noggin.

For my first edition of "Teaser Tuesday", it ties into a special announcement I made a couple days ago. In case you missed it, this past Sunday, during an author takeover, I made the official declaration of the release date for the long awaited fourth book in my Gary Celdom Case Journals series. (Which I also announced in a somewhat cryptic blog post right here.) Since Gary has been a character which has been with be since the very beginning (and, those who know me know he's been around longer than that), I decided to share a snippet from his first published adventure, Scarlet Siege. (For paperback lovers, the book is the first half on my 2-in-1 title, Gary Celdom Case Journals: Volume One.)

In his debut, Gary attends a fan convention for his favorite television series. At the convention, he reconnects with his writer friend, Phil Bennett. Things seem to go smoothly at the event until a few attendees take umbrage to the fact their favorite actor from the show has decided not to attend the event again, and demand satisfaction in a rather violent way.


Felicia smugly turned to Shawn and Jake. “So, guys, since you now know what we three are capable of, is there any way you could see that Cal makes his way to this hotel post haste?”

“Pardon my language,” I whispered, “but, how the hell did they get a shovel in here undetected?”

“It’s an item in the Scavenger Hunt,” Natalie explained.

“They hold it every convention,” Phil added. “All the items are related to various episodes throughout the run of the show. I just didn’t think any of the items would ever be used as a murder weapon.”

The rest of the attendees -- who had just witnessed Edmunds’ death -- sat in stunned and terrified silence. In the eerie calm, I slipped my cell phone out of my pocket, and quietly sent a text to the one person I thought could possibly help not just myself, but everyone else who were in this lockdown. “Jessica,” I typed, “we have a situation.”

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