Monday, November 23, 2015

Moving, and Changes, and NaNo.. Oh My!

Once again, I've been neglecting this blog. For my readers and fans, I apologize for that... AGAIN. I could highlight my character flaws, re: procrastination and the ilk, which would be valid normally; however, I have been occupied with some serious life-changing developments the past few months. And, believe me, none is bigger than what I will be embarking on in the next month-and-a-half.

For those who have been following my public profile on Facebook, you know the deal already. But, allow me to shed the light on what will be happening the past few months. When I was in Florida this past April, my fiancee and I commenced the process for yours truly to apply for a visa which would enable me to emigrate to the United States to wed my beautiful bride to be. The process has been long, and quite stressful for both her and I. Of course, the fact I was dragging my feet for a while didn't help matters either. Regardless, it all culminated this past October when I had my final interview at the U.S. Consulate General offices. There were some slight conditions regarding this interview, though: 1) the interview was scheduled for 7:40 on a Thursday morning, and 2) said interview was to take place in Montreal. It should be noted that while I love the metropolis of "la belle province", I have a bit of a history there; a history that relates to some personal problems which I do not wish to discuss publicly. Thankfully, I had some friends who helped keep my nose clean this particular trip, and allowed me to focus on the task at hand. After worrying about everything, within 90 minutes I was granted my visa, and I celebrated by making my way to the Montreal institution known as "Schwartz's" for a smoked meat sandwich. The only downside I had to this trip was the fact a bird crapped on my coat when I walked back downtown from the deli to wait for my train home.

Having said all of that, I am now in the process of scrambling around, trying to find a mover to transport what little stuff I own from the neighborhood I've called home for the past 38 years to my future residence in Florida. On top of that, I plan to be flying down to Florida at the end of this year, with the actual wedding ceremony (at a civil courthouse where we'll be living) happening a week later, to coincide with my future wife's birthday. (Giving me no excuse to forget either in the future for threat of being in the doghouse. And, considering the only dog she has is a cute little Pomeranian, it would be a tight squeeze if I end up in there.) But, that's one thing that has been going on lately.

Book-wise, while my books are still available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats, I found having my eBooks being locked up in what I call "KDP Select Jail" to be too restrictive to my fans. Therefore, I have requested that my eBooks be released from their exclusivity contracts, so they could be listed elsewhere in hopes it would expand my readership. Having said that, two of my poetry collections: Poems for a Winter's Night, and Before I Leave Canada are now listed in the Kobo eBook store, At the present, my two erotic short stories: Boss Bang, and Make Them Eat Wake are currently awaiting approval from Kobo to be listed, as well. By early December, all of my remaining books: Gary Celdom Case Journals: Volume One, Rouge Numbered Week, The Prairie Fire Within, Slammin' on the Rails, and Fiery Freedom: The Complete Saga will be listed on Kobo, pending approval. So, that's what I have written previously, but what about upcoming projects? I'm glad you asked.

As many of my fans are aware, I am an active participant in National Novel Writing Month, or 'NaNoWriMo,' for short. And, 2015 was no exception. As my "Farewell to Toronto" project this November, I decided to write a standalone contemporary (although, I classify it as "troubled") romance novel, which I have titled, A Bolt of Loving. It tells the story of a journalist for a Tampa Bay-area university's newspaper who has been battling an addiction. While enjoying a night out to a Jazz Club with members of his own fellowship, he meets a saxophonist who has been battling her own addiction. What commences is a friendship that evolves into a relationship, with its own share of curve balls thrown along the way, ranging from feuding members of the jazz ensemble to appearances by both the main characters' former spouses, to coping with their addictions. In the end, the story gives hope that love, friendship, and unity can aid in one's personal recovery. I'm hoping for a 2016 release for A Bolt of Loving, once I get settled into my new hope.

I'm not sure when I will be able to write another blog post again, given all the craziness that will be coming my way in the next couple of months, so I wish all of my American fans a Happy Thanksgiving, and everyone around the world a Happy Festive Season, depending on whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or any other religious festival in December. Just take time to share with your loved ones because time is short, and given what's happening in the world as of late, there's no telling what might befall us when we least expect it.

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