Thursday, April 30, 2015

Back to Life.. Back to Reality...

Sometimes it's good to get away from it all, so you can take some time for yourself and those you love.

This was the case earlier this month when I took a long overdue vacation to Florida to visit my dearest Catherine, and our two cute little "fur babies": Timbit (a 2-yr old Pomeranian), and Duffy (a 10-yr old Yorkie). Considering Catherine and I hadn't seen each other since she was here for RCW 139 (a Due South fan convention here in Toronto) last August, needless to say the two of us had a lot of catching up to do.

The time away was great. Catherine and I were able to reconnect, and I was able to get a reasonable amount of work done on the fourth Gary Celdom adventure. Alas, like the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end", and I had to return home to Canada. (And, in the process, some really crappy weather compared to the heat and humidity I experienced in Florida.) The only saving grace is the next time I will return to the U.S. will be for my marriage to Catherine and eventual relocation (fingers crossed).

Unfortunately, when I reintegrated myself into my three paying jobs and volunteer gig, my writing had slipped by the wayside, As a result, I don't think I will be able to reach my goal for the April session of Camp NaNo this year. (Falling roughly 7,000 words short of my intended 30,000.) What's more, a reddish-hued plot bunny decided to come hoping past my consciousness this past weekend. And, you know what that means, fans of my risque genre... Crimson's waking up!

I've started putting my fingers to the keypad on my laptop, and began writing what I hope will be a new serial from my erotic romantic side. At last check, I have almost 5,000 words written on it. I just hope you will like what the perverted persona has in store.

Speaking of Crimson (and my other alter ego, C. D. Melley), this weekend (May 1-3, 2015), I will be holding a special Kindle sale for my U.S. fans. I'm calling it a "Spring Fling" Sale. (Okay, I know Spring started back in March, but with the weather we've been receiving in Canada so far, it's now more like traditional Spring weather.) For 72 hours, you can pick up Kindle copies of my two full-length romance novels: C. D.'s The Prairie Fire Within (first time EVER on sale on Kindle), and Crimson's Fiery Freedom: The Complete Saga. Both books normally retail at $2.99 US ea., but for this special sale, you can pick up your copy of either for 99 cents US ea.! That's a 67% savings!

The sale starts at midnight Eastern Time on Friday morning and runs until midnight Sunday night, so if you like to read romance from a poor white Canadian male with an identity crisis trying to make it as an author, check out these two titles while they've been marked down.

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