Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lox of Love for Gary Celdom (Sorry, for the bad pun)

A couple months ago, I did a special contest where people could win personally signed copies of Gary Celdom Case Journals: Volume One and Rouge Numbered Week. All the participants had to do was name a new character I'm introducing in the fourth Gary Celdom book that I'm currently writing (with a hopeful December release). Admittedly, getting the right answer was difficult because the person had to be well versed in Due South trivia. But, after giving a decent amount of hints, I was able to obtain my two winners. One hailed from Iowa, the other from Israel.

While I wasn't sure how my books, which centered around my personal fandoms, would be received by an audience halfway around the globe, I still sent the signed books to Israel. Needless to say, it proved slightly costly at first, but I felt it was worth it in the end. I say this because the lucky young woman, Miss Julia Stolyar, provided an honest review of my work, and went one step further by asking me for an interview.

It turns out, Julia is the author of two blogs: Cultureroll -- which she writes in Hebrew, and Soft Power, Softwhere in English, She wanted to interview me for her blogs, and me, being the nice Canadian that I am, graciously participated it.

In the end, I garnered a favourable review of the Gary Celdom series (although, I should admit I changed the names of some of the teams in Rouge Numbered Week, so I wouldn't have a lawsuit on my hands.), and earned a new fan in the process. Now to make sure I don't disappoint her with Celdom IV.

To read Julia's Culureroll blog in Hebrew: 
To read Julia;s Soft Power, Softwhere blog in English:


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