Friday, October 24, 2014

Best for Business?

For as long as I've been selling electronic versions of my books, I've tried to diversify them, so they may be available on multiple platforms. Not only could you find them for Kindle readers and apps, but ones for Kobo eReaders/apps, Apple iBooks, Sony, and Nook eReaders/apps. However, as much as I've done my best to make them available for everyone, only one have I actually received positive returns on: Kindle.

Now, I understand different services have different thresholds before you get paid. For example, Kobo requests you earn $100 in royalties before they cut you a cheque. The only problem is, in the 3 years I've been self-publishing, I've only made $18.34 from my Kobo sales; the bulk of that were purchases I made myself since I own a Kobo eReader. To say that it's not disappointing (if not pathetic that I have to buy my own books to see a return), is an understatement. But, until I make that c-note mark, I won't see a red cent of it.

On the flip side, Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing service is kind enough to pay royalties in a more timely manner, regardless of threshold. Sure, I still get dinged 30% withholding tax for Canada and U.S. sales because I'm a non-U.S. resident (why that applies to Canadian sales is a confusing and convoluted matter), but at least I still receive a direct deposit two months after the registered sales month ends.

Therefore, in order to be more financially feasible, it is with a heavy heart that I've decided to remove my ebooks from all services, save from Amazon's Kindle Store. It might be better in the long run as most of the fans I've polled use Kindle eReaders/apps to begin with.

I know this will cheese off a few who are still loyal to their Kobos and Nooks; however, if you have a computer, you can download a free Kindle app and read my books that way. Soon, my books will be enrolled in KDP Select, so if you're part of Kindle Unlimited, you'll be able to download my books under all three of my personas for free with your monthly subscription..

Fear not, the paperback versions of my books will still be available on Barnes & Noble, and other sites, but the ebook versions will be Amazon exclusive until further notice. It's more of a bid to streamline things in the future as some of you know, 2015 will be filled with a lot of life changes for me.

I just want to make things easier ahead of time.

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