Friday, August 23, 2013

The Division Report: August 23, 2013

Oh dear, I've really fallen off the wagon with my updates. I haven't done a new blog entry in over a fortnight. Things have been crazy personally here at my desk, but I shall try to make amends for it now...

Everyday I'm Editing: While it's taken a while to light the fire under my tuckas, I've finally started to the re-writes for Scarlet Siege. It's been a slow go, so far; only 6% complete, but I'm hoping with my hired editor's recommendations, things will go smoothly. However, I must confess, I've been thinking about The Prairie Fire Within, as well, and am contemplating doing some re-writing on it too. This is the problem when you have four books in the pile: you don't know which to work on first. Hopefully, my head will clear soon, and I can focus my attention on one particular project. Oh wait...

The Write Stuff: Normally after I've finished writing a first draft, I try to distance myself from the craft for a few weeks, so I can clear my head. Alas, that doesn't appear to be the case this month. While I should be taking a break post-Prairie Fire Within, my muse has struck me again with a special assignment, and personal request from someone. For those who follow me on Facebook, earlier this month it was announced that I have entered into a new personal relationship. As a token of my love for her, I have called upon C.D. Melley once again to pen an exclusive short story. Here's the kicker, while I usually have a month to write my stories, this time around I've given myself a stricter deadline: two weeks. I am currently on Day 3 of the project, and the present, I have written 2,000 words for it. My completion goal is September 4th. The work is currently untitled, but since it's being written for only one person, I don't think a title is that crucial, is it?

Reading is Fun-damental: Needless to say with my new relationship, real life, and this special project, my reading has fallen by the wayside again. I do have two books currently on the go on my Kobo. The first is a tale about a homeless guy living on the streets of London, England, entitled Getting Lucky by Craig Anderson. It's been an alright read so far, but it hasn't really captured me as of yet. But, I'm the type of guy where if I starts reading something, I'll stick with it until the end. It takes a lot for me to abandon a book I'm reading.

The other on my reading shelf is the second book by my good friend, Christa Simpson. Twist and Turn is the latest installment of  her "Twisted" trilogy, and I named the book as this year's "birthday read." I'm curious to see what lies ahead for Edwin and Abigail... and I'm hoping to get started on it in the next couple of weeks. (Please don't hate me, Christa?)

That's all that has been going on the past few weeks. But, before I go, I have a proposition for the loyal readers to this blog. Recently, my dear friend, Danielle Taylor, overcame her stage fright, and posted on her Facebook Author/Fan Page a short video of her fielding questions from her fans. That got me to thinking, and I'm throwing this out to you, my fans: What would you say to me doing the same, and posting a vlog for my next entry. If you're interested, here's how I suggest we do it...

If you have any questions about my writing, or my works-in-progress: whether it be about my Gary Celdom series, C.D. Melley questions, or anything else about my writing, please leave a message on my Facebook Author/Fan Page; which can be found at, or if you don't have Facebook, leave your questions on Gary's special Twitter account: @TorontoPhoenix. I'll take your submissions for the next week if you're interested, and the five best ones will be answered by yours truly on this special vlog edition of The Division Report; which I promise will be posted during the Labour Day Weekend here in North America.

Thank you everyone for sticking by me, and you'll not only hear from me, but see me next week.

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