Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Flash Non-Fiction: This Is Writing!

When one embarks on the journey to become what they are destined to be, they must overcome a rash of obstacles that life or others put in their way. They will come across a slew of critics and naysayers who believe the path they take should be done a certain way, or proper channels need to be followed. They will pay some heed to the advice; others will be brave enough to forge their own path into the unknown. The latter group will suffer setbacks and failures along the way, but it is all part of the learning process. Being a writer is no different from this.

When we first start out, we get the idea that the task ahead is unfathomable; yet, we have a passion and a desire for our voices to be heard. Yes, we will have our aforementioned critics; people who will tell us that we are crazy and we should find a “real profession,” but we don’t give up. Every rejection letter we receive, every naysayer who tells us our stories are not good enough drives us to prove those people wrong. However, with every ‘Negative Nelly’ we find a ‘Supportive Sally.’

As we continue to hone our craft, we gain the support and admiration of others; people who follow us on our request. They read every word we write, and in the case of some, offer suggestions to make what we put down on paper better; thus, making us better writers in the process. It is a long road we travel, but when you receive confirmation of your first sale, it is the validation we strive for to say we have finally arrived.

When that day arrives, we can finally stand tall, and proclaim, “I AM A WRITER!”

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