Friday, May 17, 2013

The Division Report: May 17, 2013

It's been a hectic week between my usual commitments and some personal matters I've had to tend to; however, I did find time to squeeze in some creative activities. Here's how the past 7 days have shaped up...

"Every Day I'm Editing": The latest round of edits on Scarlet Siege have been coming along well. Last week, I mentioned it had been converted from a 24-chapter novel into a 22-chapter novella. Seven days later it has been modified into a 19-chapter novella. More words have been chopped and rewritten, and six original chapters have been condensed into three. At the present, I'm foreseeing my debut work will have another one or two chapters merged together to make "Siege" a 17 or 18-chapter novella. Mind you, it is still a-ways from being re-released on the market. (Is my Hired Editor still out there?) However, I feel my revisions are making the work more "air-tight" than it was before.

"Write Like The Wind": With everything that has gone on, one has to wonder if my writing had gone by the wayside. However, I am pleased to announce I have started work on a short story last night. It is about a man who believes he's holier than thou over his neighbors; however, he has his own indiscretions which come to the surface. The piece does not have a title yet, but I was able to stick my proverbial toe in the water. I'm hoping to have it finished and posted here on my blog within a fortnight.

"Reading is Fun-damental": In between writing and editing, I was finally able to finish On Writing - A Memoir by Stephen King. The book does give a few pointers about how one can hone their craft; however, it left me wanting to learn more. As a memoir, it does detail King's younger years, and how his life-experiences shaped his career as a famous author. It's true how some writers say they draw on their past to enhance their stories; I'll admit I'm one of them. On the whole, On Writing - A Memoir is a fulfilling book, but fell short in my expectations. Rating: 3.5/5

With King's book returned to my local library, I have resumed reading a sports humour book I had purchased a few months ago, The Best of Down Goes Brown by Sean McIndoe. The book is a collection of entries from the renowned ice hockey blog. There have been a few articles where I've found myself "busting a gut," and I hope it will continue to entertain me. At the time of writing this entry, I am 58% of the way through the collection, so expect my review of the tome in the first Report after I've finished.

That's all for this week. I will return in seven days time with the latest from my desk. Until then, keep writing, and enjoy the weather while you can.

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