Friday, May 10, 2013

The Division Report: May 10, 2013

I've decided to borrow a page from a few of my fellow writers/authors, and create a weekly progress report of how I've been coming along in my writing and editing exploits. I figured it would be a pleasant change from my sporadic posts, and will establish some personal benchmarks for myself as I continue to march forward in my ambitions.

On the writing front, I posted a short confessional story on my blog this past Monday, entitled "Different Worlds, Different Hearts." It's a brief tale about how a former couple -- who support rival sports teams -- were never really meant for each other; yet, one of them still thinks about the other, even though the other has moved on. Feel free to check it out right here.

Editing-wise, I have taken myself to task on my debut novel, Scarlet Siege, with the goal of re-releasing it. This July will be the one-year anniversary of when it was first published, and while I might be asking too much at the present (Hello, Ms. Hired Editor), I'd like to have it reissued on or around then. In the meantime, I've been reading On Writing - A Memoir by acclaimed horror writer, Stephen King. It has given me some good tips on fine tuning my manuscript; as has, a few articles on my aforementioned Hired Editor's blog. As a result, I have been tinkering and hacking away at it. Four chapters have been merged into two; thus, turning the 24-chapter novel into a 22-chapter novella. Unnecessary words have been removed, and one of the characters has had their name and description modified. As of writing this entry, I am currently 55% complete of this latest round of modifications. There will be more once I receive the recommendations from my "editing superior." Admittedly, it is a slow process, but one I'm taking on with a more careful eye for detail.

That is all from my desk for this week. I shall return in seven days time with the next edition of The Division Report.

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