Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SHORT: Different Worlds, Different Hearts

I know we were from separate worlds. We had no business being together in the first place. Yet, for some reason we were linked together by fate.

My friends told me I was a fool for dating a rival. She favored the blue and white, while I support the black, red, and gold. I live in the big city, and she called her rural town home. By all logic, we should have been the unlikeliest of couples. However, we both shared a common bond; a love for the sport the nation holds dear to its heart. Our only problem: our support for clubs who have been embroiled in a territorial feud for over two decades.

Despite our initial differences pertaining to distance and respective loyalties, we developed deep-rooted feelings for each other. As time passed other discrepancies arose. I wanted to settle down, and she didn’t see our relationship lasting for the long-term. It was a slippery slope that would have led us both to lives filled with unhappiness. After looking within ourselves, we came to a conclusion to part romantic company. It appeared to be both an easy and tough decision, but one we’ve both grown to accept.

We still communicate on a regular basis; however, it has been three months since we have last seen each other. She has brought to my awareness a new beau in her life. However, if my relationship with the rival supporter appeared ill-fitting, the new man in her life cheers for her team’s biggest rival of all; clad in a Québécois “bleu, blanc, et rouge.” I should be supportive of her happiness, but I am skeptical of her new relationship with another opposing supporter. I hope he treats her right; however, part of my black, red, and gold heart remembers how things were with the raven-haired lass in blue and white.

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