Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Time For Gary to Face the "Backlash"

Greetings from my current desk here in Toronto.

As I write this blog post, I am currently in the midst of preparing for this year's National Novel Writing Month. This November, I'm planning on penning the third adventure featuring the trio of Gary, Jessica, and Karen; set during the upcoming festivities of the Canadian Football Championship taking place here in Toronto in a few weeks. Admittedly, I'm concerned about how it will turn out, but we shall see as the month progresses.

Also, as I look on my calendar, today is the official release of the second installment of the "Gary Celdom Case Journals" series entitled, Barbadian Backlash. The novel takes place almost two months after Scarlet Siege where Gary and Jessica are in the midst of investigating a string of break-and-enters, when Detective Celdom's old writing buddy, Doug "Highlander" Bennett, comes calling, and asks if he could interview Gary as research for his upcoming novel writing project. The interview leads to Gary reminiscing about a case he was assigned to four years ago into the murder of his former partner with the Toronto P.D. We see Gary travel to Barbados on the trail of his colleague's killer, but during the investigation, he meets and catches the eye of a bar waitress; her name, Elaine Abraham.

So, as the story progresses, we see Gary conflicted about his history with Elaine, and how he hasn't been completely up front about it with Jessica. All the while, Karen is needling him about the mistake he made by entering a relationship with the Barbadian. To complicate matters, the investigation into the current break-and-enters leads to the officers of the Special Investigations Unit injecting themselves, and Gary finds himself in a bind that could cost him his career.

Does Gary still have his job? How does Jessica take the news of what really transpired in Barbados, and is she and Gary still together? Find out in Barbadian Backlash. You can pick up your copy in your desired format by clicking on the appropriate link on the right.

Now, time for me to do some more pre-plotting before Thursday.

-- DJM

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